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Portrait Professional Artist:Cynthia Hargraves

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Cynthia Hargraves is a prolific professional portrait painter as can be viewed by visiting her Painting Galleries in the different mediums of Oils,Pastel,Charcoal in many styles and designs to tailor to the requirements of the individual clients. Cynthia has been a successful award winning, published, Master Pastellist and full time Australian Portrait Artist for many years. Cynthia's worldwide custom portrait paintings are held in many private collections both nationally and internationally. Commissioned art portraits paintings extend from Brisbane, Gold Coast and Queensland to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Tasmania, Adelaide and Perth, other rural areas of Australia as well as overseas. For more on Cynthia Hargraves Qualifications, Experience, Art exhibitions and Gallery information view her Resume.

About her Preferred Style of Painting

Cynthia Hargraves’s paintings convey her love of capturing the fresh vividness of light as it plays on her subjects.  Whether the subject is of people, animals or nature that are used to create an emotional impact it is by controlling values, edges, light and pulsating colour that work together in creating her works of art.

About the Artist

Cynthia was born in America but moved to Australia when 6 yrs old.  She comes from an artistic family and was taught to paint and draw from a young age. Although Cynthia has a Diploma of Teaching and Bachelor of Education her formal tuition in art has been with many different master teachers from Australia and Overseas over the span of 30 years. Her work is more influenced currently by  world renown Sally Strand and Clayton J Beck III ( taught by Richard Schmid ). Both American artists.
Her love of pastels has led her to achieve Master Pastellist qualifications with the Pastel Society of Australia which receives world wide recognition. She has won awards for her paintings and had them published in Australian Artist magazine in April, August 2006 and written  articles on Portraiture. Her Seascapes article was published in March 2009 and another article on her paintings has been submitted for publication.
Much of her work is through commissions in portraiture, life studies, landscapes and flowers.
Cynthia’s love of flowers has been solely in oil paintings on large canvases.  These are available as a single painting or in triptych and diptych.  Her floral fine art demonstrates her love of portraying a vivid freshness from early morning light. 
Much of her landscapes reflects her extensive travels throughout Australia and overseas while her portraiture and life studies are found throughout everyday life.
Although her work was represented by Lumiere Gallery in Perth her exhibitions and showings are often seen in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 

After teaching workshops Australia wide (2011 - 2012)and been requested to tutor overseas, Cynthia now centres her work solely in painting from her studio in Ormeau,Qld. She travels upon requests to different states to work on commissioned portraits. She has many works in private collections both in Australia and overseas.

To view more of her artwork and learn more of her artistic accomplishments please view >>> RESUME 

Commissioned Oil Portrait paintings are created on the finest quality materials. Canvas is usually by Fredrix and Winsor & Newton Professional Artists Brand is used. Best quality art materials are standard while the Commissioned Portrait Paintings are fully tailored to the needs of the clients.

Commissioned Pastel or Pencil or Charcoal Paintings,Sketches or Drawings are likewise created on the highest quality materials tailored to meet the needs of the client.

Although I prefer to paint the subjects from life there are many reasons why this is unsuitable and photographs must be used. In these cases the client can either take the photo or I can if visiting my studio. At other times I can catch an aeroplane and fly to your location to take the best photo. If taking the photo yourself please visit my website page on....


If contains alot of valuable information on People and Animal Portraits so you can ensure you get the portrait you will treasure for life.

PRICES: To view prices please click the link at the top of the page. It folds down to reveal different sizes which gives a rough guideline of the cost to the size you require. Please Contact me via PH: 0488 288 512 or click this link: Email me to discuss your painting needs. In the many years as working as a Portrait artist I have painted many difficult requests some of these range from deceased children who have died soon after birth and had to paint them at age 9yrs of age to making subjects younger or even sprouting wings. When painting from photos I usually paint from several photos and arrange them in a family setting. Mock-ups give a client an idea of what they will get.

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Photos to Paintings - Some commissioned Art for Sale paintings Family,Children,Pet Portraits and Paintings....

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  • Photos-to-Paintings- MissAttitude
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  • Photos-to-Paintings- FamilyPortrait
  • Photos-to-Paintings- PrettyGirl
  • Photos-to-Paintings-CrustyOldGoat
  • Photos-to-Paintings-Lily
  • Photos-to-Paintings- FelixtheCat
  • Photos-to-Paintings-Bella
  • Photos-to-Paintings- BeautifulIris
  • Photos-to-Paintings- GoldenGlow
  • Photos-to-Paintings- MorningMist
  • Photos-to-Paintings-ArtistModel
  • Photos-to-Paintings-BicyclePlants

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My Studio

I always prefer to paint from a live model in my studio but as many of my subjects are deceased this cannot always be achieved. Even children cannot sit still long enough for a painting and so must rely on photos.

When clients are having trouble taking that special photo they can visit my studio and allow me to organise the backdrop,setting and take the photos. I then copy these photos onto a cd for them to take home and consider at their leisure before making the decision.

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PROFESSIONAL Portrait Paintings-Contemporary Canvas oil portraits paintings,pastel portraits,charcoal or watercolour portraits for all occasions

PensiveCanvas Portrait Art Painter :Commissioned portraits for adults,babies,children,teenagers and pets are available in oil painting portraits or pastel painting portraits or charcoal portraits.Selecting the best top portrait painter to create your commission is an important decision. Canvas Art Oil Portrait Paintings of single corporate portraits and institutions are also available as are family groups and group corporate portraits. Portraits are usually portrayed in a realistic representational style but can be tailored to meet the requirements of the client. Whether your desired portrait is for a wedding, memorial, anniversary, birthday, graduation, gift, or just for interior decorating it will be able to be kept as a professional quality heirloom.

Portraits Artist - Children's Portraits

Best Friends by Brisbane Portrait Artist,Cynthia HargravesThe best childrens or family portrait painter is important to commission as Memorable Portraits mark the milestones in a child's development from babies and children through to teenagers and adults. Birthday parties,weddings,first day at school,graduations,their first pet-dog or cat,sports or academic achievements can be made a momentos occasion with a heirloom portrait that can be kept for posterity. Often times photos fail to capture all that needs to be said about the child as in their hobbies,interests and endearing habits. Where a photo of a family often fails to capture all the children in the best expressions a group portrait easily expresses the loving unity of a family.

Art for Sale of Best Quality Portrait Paintings - Custom Oil,Pastel Portraits

Artists Model by Brisbane Portrait Artist,Cynthia HargravesPersonal wedding portraits commissions hold great meaning and are very memorable and sentimental. Although many of my portraits commissions are held in private collections many more have recieved awards for their appeal. Selecting the right setting for the portrait in the best light and capturing the greatest expression that typifies the subject is often impossible to do in photos. Often the portrait subject/subjects must sit for the artist to let the artist understand their nature and do many colour studies and sketches for the painting to be at its best. Then photos can then be used as a back stop for the collection of ideas and positions.All paintings are done in the highest professional quality materials and whether choosing oils,pastels or charcoal for the commission no painting will be sold unless the client is fully satisfied with the workmanship. So whether you are commissioning a picture for a wedding gift,corporate art,birthday, unique baby shower, family group,pet portrait or simply using it as a collectible or interior decorating idea to decorate your home you will have a portait to keep worthy of any gallery.

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